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Genesys Call Center Workforce Engagement Management is instrumental in giving agents a personalized experience, so that they can make more meaningful connections with each customer.

Create a better customer experience with engaged employees


On Demand Reporting

Streamline quality assurance and compliance with on demand and real time reporting.

Improve Employee Performance

Build personalized development for each agent, to boost productivity and agent abilities. 

Access Innovations

Gain instant access to AI innovations that are simple to operate. 

Increase Operation Efficiencies

Automate agent scheduling based on historical data and simplified forecasting.

Increase Customer Engagement with All-in-One Workforce Management with Genesys Cloud

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Everything your employees need to support customers

Artificial Intelligence 

Power your contact center with AI for personalized experiences at scale. 

Collaboration Capabilities

Unified communications for all employees to increase engagement with their work across all channels.

Employee Development

Automation of operations allows for increased focus on employee coaching and development of skills. 

All-in-one for all employees

Single, personalized platform to bring cross-functional teams together.

Modern Cloud Environment

Cloud based WEM (workforce engagement management) allows for constant updates to latest technologies.

Incentivize Performance 

AI-driven performance objectives add to making work fun, friendly competition, and increased team performance.

Wondering why more and more contact centers are moving to the cloud? 

Learn more with our Cloud vs. On Premise comparison

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